August 7

Why You Should Always Share Your Creations

This week I learned an important life lesson: you should always share your cookies.

Let me explain.

There’s this article that had been sitting in my draft folder for years. I felt unsure about publishing it.

It’s not my usual writing style (I sound like a French artist or something), I was wondering if it was self-indulgent, and it doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with my business.

At some point, I decided that enough was enough and that I either needed to get it out there or just delete it.

So, I (not-so-valiantly) tried to outsource the decision of whether it should be published by submitting it to a publication. They declined. (Smart choice!)

At which point I found myself back with the dilemma: delete it or self-publish it?

I didn’t even consider sending it to another publication because I was sure they wouldn’t accept it.

After realizing that I had come too far with this damn article and that somebody might actually benefit from it (so who am I deprive them of that?), I hit the publish button.

I shared the article in a few closed groups and was surprised by the positive feedback I got from various people who loved it.

The next morning I woke up to see an email from Medium, stating that their curators had decided to distribute my article in 3 categories! Which is a really nice external stamp of approval.

It’s certainly not what I was expecting at all for something I wasn’t sure I even wanted to share.

But it did confirm my assumption that you should always lean towards sharing your creations and that you never know what will resonate and who might benefit from it.

It’s just like cookies. If you made them, you might as well offer them to people!

What creation of yours had lingered in “draft” mode for too long? How about sharing it this week? You might be glad you did!


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