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Do you want to be more authentic?  

Let's talk about how being authentic (= true to your own self) will make you happy. 

In my view, this is one of THE most important ingredients to finding happiness.

To me, authenticity means being in alignment with myself and expressing the truth of who (or rather what) I really am.

However, since authenticity is so personal, the definition of this might be unique for each and everyone.

In fact, finding your own definition of what authentic even means could very well be the first step towards living a more authentic life.

I believe it is – at least today – important to make authenticity a guiding principle of one’s own life. 

In the past, people often had were occupied with sheer survival.  In this situation, departure from the social consensus could have dire consequences. 

However, chances are that if you are reading this you have the potential to get into a situation that allows you to create a more authentic life for yourself.

At least that's my wish for you.

While being yourself is not necessarily easy, it's so worth it!

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